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Digital Journeys Begin Here

Conversense Consulting

Helping our clients harness and monetize new AI and digital technology investments to solve today’s business challenges.


A Digital Need

Due to the acceleration of remote communication requirements brought on from the COVID crisis and the WFH movement, companies have had to respond rapidly to changing customer demands and behaviors. 

Consumers’ affinity and associated proliferation of digital touchpoints and innovations have escalated dramatically.  Data-driven marketing, personalization, predictive analytics, and AI/ML advances have transformed how services and goods are marketed, sold, consumed, and serviced in this ever-expanding digital world.

Our Dual Approach

We partner with clients to:


market entries via continuing strategic GTM advisement


the foundation and development of a comprehensive partnership ecosystem & channel program


strategies to drive customer acquisition, value, engagement, and loyalty


strategies to reduce cost while increasing revenue growth and operational efficiencies


direction on diverse digital operating-model choices, processes & support mechanisms


your organization to embrace new productivity avenues in a virtualized, digital world


innovation and new revenue concepts via data and analytics-driven strategies


with specifying vendor selection & use case criteria, ensuring a predictable and impactful ROI


thought-leadership, proper governance, & best practices in the allocation of digital investments


the right architecture and technology decisions to ensure next-generation capabilities

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